As the name implies, automation and the ability to accomplish more with less work are the foundation of digital marketing.

To put it another way, employing simple automation tools, like chatbots, to work quickly and efficiently. It’s only logical to ask, “Why chatbots?” at this stage.

A good query.

First of all, according to research, “around 1.4 billion people are already utilising chatbots.” In conclusion, chatbots are everywhere.

Furthermore, according to IBM, chatbots can respond to up to 80% of common queries. In essence, chatbots may deliver error-free results quickly if properly taught.

Three, the adoption of chatbots is becoming more widespread among enterprises, industries, and market segments. According to another research, “chatbots will get an astounding $5 billion in investments by 2022.”

To cut a long tale short, chatbots are the digital marketing services of the future, and they are already here.

The top ten strategies to employ chatbots to grow and improve your digital marketing strategy will be covered in this blog. Let’s get going.

The Top 10 Chatbots Uses in Digital Marketing, Along with Real-World Examples

1. Establish contact with website visitors

Due to the global epidemic, almost every business is moving online, hence this use-case is beneficial. Today’s customers shop differently, across a variety of channels, and at all hours.

Chatbots can be compared to a customer’s personal virtual assistant who is always available to respond to questions and provide specialised assistance:

 Establish contact with website visitors with chatbots like tidio

Additionally, bots excel at processing simple requests and routine questions that don’t require human effort or involvement. As you might expect, this relieves some of the pressure on your CX, sales, and digital teams, who are already overworked. based on data 64% of agents that utilise Chabot’s are free to work on more challenging and sophisticated issues. In Salesforce the key conclusion is that modern bots may mimic discussions between clients and actual agents because they have become intelligent and effective online “agents.” Therefore, bear this in mind while you develop the tone, personality, and writing style of your bot. The ones that gain the greatest momentum are typically the ones that are pleasant, welcoming, and helpful. In other words, one-word answers from chatbots are a thing of the past.

2. Assess and Grow Leads

Lead management can be a taxing and time-consuming task, regardless of how established or newly launched your firm is. You might be shocked to learn that bots can assist in lead generation and nurturing. This can be achieved by programming them to use a series of questions to assist in determining where your consumers are in the sales funnel.

Tip : Tidio is also the best tool for it.

Here is a good illustration of how a Chabot can cultivate leads, even at odd hours of the day:

Assess and Grow Leads by chatbots

Therefore, even if your customer service team is not available, none of your leads will be missed or unanswered because the bot is available around-the-clock to gather all pertinent data (such as contact information, email addresses, names, etc.), identify the best product or service for your customers, and contribute to lead generation.

The main point is that chatbots can handle all the ‘grunt’ work involved in lead creation, starting with gathering leads that arrive on your website. Nevertheless, it is better to combine chatbots with actual employees who can “seal the deal” while the chatbots focus on generating leads in the first place.

3. Boost Team Efficiency, Especially with Remote Work

Teams are finding it difficult to stay up as the amount of remote work increases. It has been observed that poor management is one of the main causes of low production. Bots can be useful here.

Boost Team Efficiency, Especially with Remote Work by chatbots

By automating and streamlining the organising process, they can help your teams remain responsible and coordinated. Like with customers, bots can pose a variety of standard inquiries to staff members, like:

  • What objectives did you complete yesterday?
  • What tasks and projects are you focusing on right now?
  • What kinds of problems or difficulties do you have?

Once the bot has gathered all the necessary data, it organises it and makes it “accessible” in a single location so that team members can access it with a single click.

Key takeaway:

 Organizational bots aid improve team performance in addition to providing a variety of advantages like holding teams accountable, assisting them in maintaining focus on their objectives, and removing any obstacles by enabling teams to constantly stay in sync.

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4. Individualize user experience

For brands of all sizes, a customised experience is a sought-after competitive differentiation. Over 71% of consumers adore it and prefer customised ads. In actuality, personalisation is not just limited to advertisements. Customers enjoy receiving personalised recommendations from brands and are willing to share information if doing so will result in a more personalised experience that better meets their needs.

By asking a series of logical and sequential questions and gathering consumer input, bots can assist personalise the customer experience and make suggestions that are appropriate:

ndividualize user experience by chatbots

The CNN bot, which offers readers tailored news feeds based on lists of predetermined settings, is a great example of bot-led customization:

Key learnings: Today, a wide range of brands employ chatbots to acquire vital information about the users so they can provide a more pertinent and tailored customer experience. This appeals to today’s savvy consumers who are always looking for brands that can actually “understand” them — both literally and metaphorically.

5. Facebook Messenger Bots: Combining the Power of Bots with Instant Messaging

Did you know that FB Messenger has over 300,000 active chatbots?

It is evident that chatbots are present on well-known social networking sites and messaging services like Facebook, Slack, etc.

The actual query therefore is, “What has caused this exponential growth?”

According to Facebook data:

More than 59% of millennials and 60% of Gen Xers in the U.S. have dealt with chatbots on the consumer side. Additionally, a Facebook survey found that more than half (53%) of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase from a company that offers live chat support.

Facebook is used by almost one-fourth of the world’s population, and as we saw, ‘messaging’ is ingrained in individuals of all ages.

Brands must take use of this capability and interact with customers on their chosen platform of choice in order to boost sales, which is Facebook Messenger, which is used by the majority of eCommerce retailers. Additionally, bots can help both your consumers and employees if they run into trouble when navigating your social media accounts.

As further inspiration, consider this clever and entertaining Facebook Messenger Chabot:

Facebook Messenger Bots: Combining the Power of Bots with Instant Messaging through chatbots

Key learnings: Chatbots and messaging systems go hand in hand. Slack bots can be used to show off lighter, more conversational, and engaging material like “behind the scenes of your business,” while Facebook Messenger bots can be used to increase your lead generation.

6. Improve Your Customer Understanding

Going back to the fundamentals, chatbots can be employed to comprehend, among other things, the demographics, behavioural patterns, purchasing patterns, preferences, and pain points of your customers. After all, if you’re winging it, you can’t really develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

The bot gathers relevant information by posing clear and easy questions. From the perspective of the customer, it serves as a convenient method of data collection since users don’t have to complete extensive surveys or give pointless information:

Improve Your Customer Understanding through chatbots

It can provide valuable advice and pertinent recommendations based on the information acquired, boosting the entire user experience and making it more favourable throughout the customer’s life cycle.

7. Collect and Examine Valuable Customer Feedback

Without knowing how effective a campaign or strategy is, it cannot be fully developed. Getting customer input is one of the best ways to determine its success or failure, as demonstrated below:

 Collect and Examine Valuable Customer Feedback through chatbots

Key learnings: All things considered, using chatbots to conduct customer-focused surveys is smooth and requires no work on the part of the respondents, which is a big positive in our book. Additionally, unlike the tedious, drawn-out, and monotonous survey forms, chatbots may interact with customers in a more casual and enjoyable way by using GIFs, photos, videos, etc. This increases customer engagement and motivates more people to take surveys.

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8. Establish a Knowledge Base and Attract Rich Leads to Your Assets

Returning to the subject of qualifying and nurturing leads, chatbots also increase website and platform traffic by serving as a comprehensive information base. Consider the following instance:

Establish a Knowledge Base and Attract Rich Leads to Your Assets through chatbots

The bot can provide comprehensive and helpful articles in exchange for potential leads’ email addresses. The main goal is to have smart, engaging conversations with users while increasing conversions and storing correct data.

9. Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, and Down-Sell Using Strong Offers

More than 70% of consumers are eager to hear from merchants following a transaction, particularly if they offer personalised information. Journal of Business Research

While gaining new clients is excellent, keeping existing ones is even better. As a result, you may use chatbots to give promotions, discounts, and incentives based on your customers’ past purchases in order to keep them engaged and motivated.

Additionally, bots can increase sales by introducing clients to intriguing upsell/downsell offers:

Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, and Down-Sell Using Strong Offers through chatbots

In fact, leveraging chatbot-exclusive discount coupons is one of the most inventive ways to gauge the success of your marketing initiatives (in this case – FRESHBOT25.)

The bot can track the amount of clients that are coming in through the chatbot and evaluate the success of the campaign as more and more customers download the app and use the code.

10. Improve the Customer Experience Overall

As we’ve seen, there are many ways to use chatbots, from being a virtual sales assistant and onboarding products to helping customers by providing them with demos and giving them virtual tours of goods and services.

The consumer experience is becoming more thorough and positive as chatbots become smarter and more conversational in nature.

Not only that. Chatbots can be set up and trained to regularly launch exciting competitions, tests, and freebies that make customers eager to interact with your company through a variety of touchpoints.


By 2022, “85% of client contacts will be managed without the use of human representatives.” Bots Life Chat

To sum up, consider chatbots as practical tools for multitasking that can:

  • Make contact with website visitors
  • Identify and develop leads
  • Improve the performance of the entire team.
  • personalize the experience for customers
  • Engage with customers on well-known platforms to improve your social media marketing
  • Learn more about your customers
  • assemble and evaluate beneficial consumer reviews
  • Educate yourself and attract lucrative leads to your resource assets.
  • Using potent offers and bargains, upsell, downsell, and cross-sell
  • Improve the entire experience for customers

Go back to the draw board if necessary, and take a close look at your digital marketing plan to see how you can use the many advantages of a chatbot to increase consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty one interaction at a time.

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