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We offer professional services of digital communication, Social Media, and promotion of online business.

A one-stop-solution for Digital Marketing

Connect Digital is a digital advertising agency that thinks outside the box. We are a team of digital marketing professionals who come up with golden ideas and change them into reality. The secret behind our confidence for delivering the best results is that we have skilled players in every digital channel. From web design to SEO services, pay-per-click, and Google ads, we work together to make sure that our clients get the desired results for their campaigns. Along with that, we are completely focused on ROI for transparency, so you know precisely that where your money is being spent, whether with extremely targeted search engine marketing, web development or digital marketing.



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We assist our clients in achieving high ranking in search engine, which helps them in gaining more visitors with aim of business growth. We work mainly on keyword optimization to attract different searchers.

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Social Media Management

Our team of professional developers provide the services of maintain or optimizing social media business profile, where our clients would have the opportunity to expand their business by reaching out to loyal customers.

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Leads Generation

Our teams of skilled marketers are there to assist in attracting new prospects and converting them into the ones, who have business interests in your company. Brand Loyalty and targeting right customers are some of our core tasks.

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Brand Design & Strategy

We help our customers in differentiating themselves from their competitors by guiding them with business decision. Our team helps in building core values for our clients.

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Digital PR Agency

Our digital PR team will target the right kind of websites and journals and collaborate with journalist related to your niche.

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These provide a complete framework for evaluating the security of web-based applications and serve as the basis for our methodology for evaluating online applications. Connect Digital Core pentesters test the security of specific business logic related to the web application in addition to the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. For example, they look for flaws in data validation or integrity checks that can only be found through manual testing and not through automated vulnerability scanning.

Copy Writing

We offer writing services such as content writing, script writing, and review of the story. We have professional writers, who are experienced in spreading messages through imagery, and visual metaphor.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you are a small business owners, and want to expand your business online, we are here to execute efficient marketing strategies like PPC, Google Ads, and SEM. Our strategies would help you in reaching your target audience.

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Website Development

We provide long term business plan for a guaranteed success in digital space. Software prototyping is one of our important strategies, as we work mainly on design prototype, requirement analysis, and technical support.

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Email Marketing

An email marketing strategy is a significant aspect of any online marketing strategy these days. So, our company offers cost-effective email marketing solution for business promotion, and achieving the business goals.

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Technical SEO

Our Technical SEO Service integrate a number of different areas to increase traffic and revenue for your business. Our team can help improve crawl budget, crawl ability, indexing, core web vitals and index bloat.

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